Now its time to finally set our scene with light and Car

17)Apply the Material to the body of car.

18)Select the Skylight by click the light and then Skylight button.

19)Create sky light on the scene and set its multiplier value to 1.5.

20)Creat a plane over the car, as show in the fig, just for reflections.

21)Right click the plane over the Car and select its properties, Uncheck the boxes shown in the fig.

22)Now its time to make the material for the plane above the car, Select the diffuse map slot and select Output from the Material/Map Browser.


23)Change the RBG level value to 3.0.

24)Click go to parent and Change the diffuse color to pure white and self illumination to 100


25)Open Render Scene Dialogue box and change the settings as shown in the fig.


26)These r the settings that I used to render the Peugeot 307, U can change settings to adjust Your taste or requirements.

//Here r few rendered images//

//Tutorial By veXal//